Saturday, December 25, 2010

my first Xmas in Australia

It may be snowing in Europe ,but it sure is hot n humid in Australia.
This christmas, i am spending my holiday in Noosa.
Some adorable xmas decors Dean put up on our front yard.

A little xmas tree and santa for the xmas spirit!

Usually i dont put on weight after a 100k ride to Maloolaba and back.... which is what we did this morning.... But
after feasting on the seafood buffet spread at the Outriggers Noosa resort, we definitely felt a ton heavier!

Turkey ,Ham and Roast beef plus more !
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Salomon tre-x off Road Triathlon

On Sunday, Dean n I took part in the Salomon tre-x off road tri at Kurwongbah.
about 1.5hrs drive from Noosa.

I was abit apprehensive as i havent practiced much on the mountain bike!

We both entered the enduro series which is 2 X swim350m- bike 10km and run 4km.
Sounds easy enough on paper but it took out alot of energy from both of us !
the race was held at a scout camp,with the swim in a lake, mountain biking in fire trails including some rather tricky single trails. the run was an out n back trail run in the woods.

i raced on my Trek MB hardtail. there were altogether 4 loops of the trails. i found them pretty tough going.needless to say i am nursing some purplish bruises now ,ha! luckily i didnt fall.

the weather was a little overcast, and there was some heavy rain previous nights. some parts of the course were quite slippery but generally manageable.

when we were feasting on the post race hotdogs, we sat and watched the prize giving. i was pleasantly surprised to hear i got podium in my age group.i couldnt believe it first medal in australia.

the event was very well organised and although we went home tired , we were enriched by our Sunday experience.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

City of Wellington

Wellington was the fitting end to our road trip , where we visited Dad's Uni Voctoria University and also celebrated his 72nd birthday!
He said it had changed alot since he studied there more that 50 yrs ago!
However, he was surprised he could still pinpoint some old buildings which still remained.

the cable car which was his mode of transport to downtown n the Uni.
Now that this old cable car remains as part of history.... new ones having replaced the old wooden ones.

We visited this white building called the Weir House where dad was a boarder while he was a student.
We even visited his bedroom Room 10!
Dad even managed to get hold of his research papers at the Uni , the ones that won him the final year prize and honours degree!

We had a very pleasant road trip, the weather being kind and everthing went to plan.
travelling is in our much to see, so much to share n learn ,and so much to tell!
time to plan another trip , hopefully with all my brothers n sisters :)
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Visiting Rob n Dale at Napier

Rob b Dale used to study in Victoria Uni at Wellington with Dad...a big reunion with cherished friends!
Rob n Dale invited us to stay at their home at Napier.
They have their own fruit orchards and vege pads...

Home cooked meals for 3 nights... Rob n Dale were perfect hosts!

Greeneries everywhere in NZ..soothing to the eyes and soul.
I will surely pay another visit to NZ.
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2 nights at Taupo

2  "bees"at the Bee farm.

Most triathletes have heard of Lake Taupo where the NZ ironman is held annually.
It was such a pretty town we just had to stay another night.
Seen here the famous Huka falls , supplying hydropower to many towns including Auckland.

The place i have been looking forward to visit.. Mum n dad n I having a picnic with Lake Taupo in the background.
Did you know Lake Taupo is almost as big as the size of Singapore!
Yet the population of Singapore is similar to that of NZ!
In the mornings, i ran along the trails surrounding the lake.

At the botanical garden near Lake Taupo.
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North Island NZ Road Trip - Auckland

Mum n Dad came over to Noosa for a visit.
We decided to do a North Island road trip, 11 days travelling from Auckland to Wellington , approximately 900+ km travelling through beautiful towns n countrysides.
at first we were game on hiring a motorhome!
in the end we hired a touring car, stopping at towns whenever n however long we liked...easy going.
However, on our agenda was to visit several people, one of them being our first cousins Julia and her son Andrew whom we have never met before!
They had been living in Auckland for the past 10 yrs, Andrew being born in NZ.
Dad also caught up with her high school classmate from some 50+ yrs ago Chong Vui Pik.

NZ didnt disappoint us. full of greeneries and untouched nature.
Mum and Dad seen here at Westlake Duck Pond in Auckland.

This was taken at Parnell street....street musicians!

On top of the world at Sky Towers Auckland , 776 m from ground level.
the sky was clear that evening when we dined at the revolving restaurant,looking out to the harbour.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A visit from Lorraine n Denise

Lorraine n Denise came to visit me at Noosa 2 weeks ago!
we had a blast...visiting new places ,dining n wining out and also took a trip down to Melbourne visiting old friends n relatives.
one of Denise's favourite fruit is the strawberry.
I remembered when we were schooling in the UK, my parents used to bring us strawberry picking at nearby farms.
I also remembered we did the no-no,even if there were signs everywhere with the captions "NO EATING WHILE YOU ARE PICKING!" haha
Now the strawberry season is over ,come the mangoes and summer fruits of berries n kiwis.
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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bribie Island

Bribie Island is the only island in Queensland connected to the mainland by a bridge.
It is about 100km from Noosa, but easily accessed by the motorway.
Last October i ran a half marathon at Bribie island.... it was unique because the whole race was done on the sandy beach.
I remembered my legs were DEAD from running on the sands! they felt so heavy because the feet kept digging into the sand.
I visited the island for the 2nd time on Australia Day (26th Jan) .It was a lovely outing as the sun was out ...bright and hot.
.Picnic and a swim at the beach... then Mc Angus for lunch at Mc Donalds!

The beach tower.

Families n friends enjoying a day out at the beach.
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Picturesque Kilcoy

Kilcoy is a small town about 1:30 hr's drive from Noosa.
It has only about 2000 inhabitants.
The main source of living is farming here.Land is aplenty and there is also animal rearing especially cattles and horses.
I like this small town because it is quiet, peaceful and i love the smell of greenery.
I bring my bike here and enjoy cycling the country roads with Dean.

Dean's home is equipped with a garage gym.
It has the essentials... weights, rowing machines, boxing bags,and even a spa!
He teaches personal training as a hobby and i was lucky to get invited to join in the fun :)

This is the famous Somerset Dam, the main water catchment area for Brisbane.
It is only about 15-20km away from Kilcoy.

Most houses here plant its own veggies and fruits.
Organic is the way to go!

There are many fire tracks in the region too...grear for cross country runs and mountain bike rides.
I am spoilt for choices...and never run out of activities to do here.
It is awesome.... i love the countryside much to explore!
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mt.Cooroora, Pomona

After a bike ride this morning, i drove 25km westward towards the hinterlands to a nearby town called Pomona.
Pomona is famous for the King of the Mountain race which is staged during the last weekend of July each year.
The other race held in Pomona is the 24hr Enduro Mountain bike race in June.

The mountain is at a forest reserve, the climb is about 4km,very steep and can be slippery at times.
The vertical height is 460m above sea level.
The winning time for the King of the Mountain race is 23mins to the summit.
I timed myself today : almost double time!! haha!

The view of Mt. Cooroora from a distance.

The mountain has casuarina species which the Gloss Black Cuckatoos feed on the Black She Oak.
Due to their specified diet preference and sporadic forest clearance, the Cuckatoos have become a protected species.
The climb was steep! I had to use all 4 limbs plus my butt muscles.
On the way down ,it looked too scary and was quite slippery so i went down on my bum and scrambled down!

The view atop Mt.Cooroora
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Cycling Coastal Towns

How's this for a sunrise?
Taken at 4:45am this morning, just as i was about to start riding along the Coast.
The famous road is David Low Way, it links some major Coastal towns form Maroochydore to Noosa.

Many cyclists frequent this road everyday.
The roads are smooth, the cyclist lanes are wide,ranging from 2 ft to 5 ft wide!
The terrain is undulating hills,and it can be windy at times due to the coastal winds.

Eeeeek! quite often i scare myself to shits when i go out cycling.
I have witnessed many dead frogs, squirrels, rats and monitor lizards that get run over by vehicles.
And i have been stung by bees 3 times and attacked by the nesting magpies during their breeding seasons.
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