Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mt.Cooroora, Pomona

After a bike ride this morning, i drove 25km westward towards the hinterlands to a nearby town called Pomona.
Pomona is famous for the King of the Mountain race which is staged during the last weekend of July each year.
The other race held in Pomona is the 24hr Enduro Mountain bike race in June.

The mountain is at a forest reserve, the climb is about 4km,very steep and can be slippery at times.
The vertical height is 460m above sea level.
The winning time for the King of the Mountain race is 23mins to the summit.
I timed myself today : almost double time!! haha!

The view of Mt. Cooroora from a distance.

The mountain has casuarina species which the Gloss Black Cuckatoos feed on the Black She Oak.
Due to their specified diet preference and sporadic forest clearance, the Cuckatoos have become a protected species.
The climb was steep! I had to use all 4 limbs plus my butt muscles.
On the way down ,it looked too scary and was quite slippery so i went down on my bum and scrambled down!

The view atop Mt.Cooroora
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Billy Seck said...

Nice to hear from you Fiona. I am doing fine. I see that you are still active in the triathlon sports. I hope to send my daughter, Michelle to study there if I can afford it. Being a divorcee myself with no commitment I might go there with her and see what I can do there.
If you like, we can keep in touch. My email is I think your yahoo account is hacked because I also received a desperate plea to send money to you in London.

Billy Seck said...
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