Monday, November 22, 2010

City of Wellington

Wellington was the fitting end to our road trip , where we visited Dad's Uni Voctoria University and also celebrated his 72nd birthday!
He said it had changed alot since he studied there more that 50 yrs ago!
However, he was surprised he could still pinpoint some old buildings which still remained.

the cable car which was his mode of transport to downtown n the Uni.
Now that this old cable car remains as part of history.... new ones having replaced the old wooden ones.

We visited this white building called the Weir House where dad was a boarder while he was a student.
We even visited his bedroom Room 10!
Dad even managed to get hold of his research papers at the Uni , the ones that won him the final year prize and honours degree!

We had a very pleasant road trip, the weather being kind and everthing went to plan.
travelling is in our much to see, so much to share n learn ,and so much to tell!
time to plan another trip , hopefully with all my brothers n sisters :)
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Melv said...

Yes for sure next year! A family trip is always fun.